Who said that going to the dentist can’t be a peaceful and relaxing adventure? For so long patients have been complaining about having anxiety problems when they visit their dentist. They may have had hard experiences because not everybody has the same reaction sitting on that chair, but like life, dental treatment has evolve and now you can have the soft and gentle treatment that you deserve. Now you say, how? Easy, we present to you Sedation Dentistry.

This novel method is an advanced junction between dentistry and anti-anxiety practices. Sedation dentistry is used to provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience for certain people receiving dental treatment. It enables individuals too afraid to go to the dentist to receive the dental care they need while avoiding the common apprehension known as dental phobia.

Sedation is a procedure in which the dentist makes sure that the patient be relaxed by using sedative medicament. Sedative drugs like depressants, anti-anxiety medications and others that have been approved to this goal can be administered in a variety of ways. In the past, intravenous sedation sedatives were delivered via injection into patient´s blood vessels. But currently, with all the recent studies, dentists have learned that no needle treatment is needed anymore. That’s why they choose sedation treatment that is both safe and effective when administered by a trained professional. Today, however, sedation dentistry has evolved to be even more conducive to a relaxing experience. Patients have alternatives to the traditional modalities of inhalation nitrous oxide between many other comfortable options.

Oral sedation dentistry is now the most common technique used in the United States and Canada to quell patient fears. The technique is easy and requires no needles. Best of all, the medications create such a comfortable experience that most patients do not remember the visit; it is as if they slept through the treatment. Another benefit of oral sedation dentistry is that it keeps the patient at a level of consciousness in which he can still cooperate, making the procedure safer.

One of the many benefits that sedation dentistry has is the increased level of comfort offered through sedation dentistry. Being sedated during treatment, the patient will feel less tired after the procedure is done. Patients with TMJ disorders, jaw soreness and difficulty to keep their mouth wide open will be much more comfortable with dental sedation. Some types of dental sedation (e.g. nitrous oxide) can also help increase the pain threshold for the patient, resulting in less painful procedures while minimizing or completely avoiding the use of local anesthesia.

In the past, many patients said that their dental anxiety got worse every time they went to the dentist. Obviously, they hadn’t been treated with sedation dentistry, and the memory of a bad experience with a dentist when the patient was younger kept coming back every time they were back on that scary chair. With many types of sedation, the memory of the dental procedure will be hazy or even completely absent. This way, the dental anxiety doesn’t keep reinforcing itself and this is a real deal!

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