Todd B. Barsky, DDS, FACS

Dr. Todd B. Barsky, DDS, FACP is a board certified prosthodontist in Miami, Florida. Dr. Barsky specializes in cosmetic, reconstructive, restorative and implant dentistry. His holistic approach to dentistry involves not only restoring beautiful smiles and maintaining oral health, but also improving confidence and quality of life for every patient in the process.

Dr. Barsky is a dental architect. His training, skill, and experience have made him uniquely qualified to address oral health and cosmetic dentistry issues large and small. His goal is to provide every patient with the health and confidence to smile, and smile often. Whether patients are facing relatively simple cosmetic concerns such as misaligned or missing teeth, yellowing and staining, or chips and cracks, or they’re dealing with more serious issues like gum disease or oral trauma, Dr. Barsky delivers that same attention to detail and devotion to overall health, wellness, and patient satisfaction.

Advanced Training
Dr. Barsky ’s results speak for themselves, and his devotion to upholding the highest standards of care when it comes to dental restoration and replacement procedures have earned him a coveted fellowship with the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP). Specializing in prosthodontics required Dr. Barsky to complete three years of advanced clinical training beyond dental school, approved by the American Dental Association. This makes Dr. Barsky distinctly suited to addressing dental issues that require the design, manufacturing, and fitting of artificial tooth (and other oral) replacements for the purposes of restoring function and form.

Memberships and Certifications
He also maintains memberships with the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, the South Florida District Dental Association, and the Academy of Osseointegration. Additionally, Dr. Barsky acts in a diplomatic capacity on behalf of the ACP, contributing to promotional materials designed to educate patients about what prosthodontists do and how patients can benefit from the specialized treatment these professionals provide.

Dr. Barsky ’s Education
Dr. Barsky applied for and received certification as a prosthodontist following the completion of a residency in prosthodontics at the U.S. Army Medical Department in Fort Gordon, Georgia. Only about a third of trained prosthodontists pass the arduous examination process to become board certified. Prior to this, Dr. Barsky received a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, before which he completed a baccalaureate program at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., earning a Bachelor of Science degree.

Following his extensive education, during which he began to develop his holistic philosophy concerning the role of a dentist and prosthodontist, Dr. Barsky embarked on his career path with the intention of making a notable difference in the lives of patients suffering from oral health and cosmetic dental concerns. His goal was to have a positive and lasting impact on the daily life of every patient.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Complex Treatment Plans
Dr. Barsky not only offers expertise in common dental procedures like teeth whitening, tooth bonding, dental crowns, and dental veneers, but he can also tackle more complex processes, such as tooth replacement with complete or partial removable dentures, as well as dental implants. In addition, Dr. Barsky can implement complex and comprehensive treatment plans for complete smile makeovers, including coordinating complementary practices and procedures and working with other dental and medical specialists.

Dr. Barsky is comfortable, competent, and experienced working with a wide range of cosmetic dentistry and oral health concerns, including the special needs of geriatric patients, snoring and sleep disorders, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome, traumatic injuries, and maxillofacial prosthetic procedures, including reconstructions after oral cancer.

Every patient has a unique smile and particular concerns when it comes to oral health and cosmetic appearance. Dr. Barsky understands that this requires individualized care and case-by-case assessment to determine the best use of available technologies and dental procedures. Every patient deserves not only the peace of mind that comes with maintaining good oral health, but also the confidence to smile.

Patient Care and Natural Smiles
Teeth that are stained, misaligned, missing, or otherwise compromised can stop patients from enjoying the endorphins that result every time a person smiles. Oral health issues and cosmetic concerns can hold patients back from one of the greatest joys in life: expressing pleasure through smiling. Dr. Barsky is committed to ensuring that every patient receives the restorative care needed to enjoy a functional and beautiful smile.

Dr. Barsky uses his training, knowledge, experience, and skill, paired with the latest technologies and advanced dental techniques, to provide specialized and individualized dental care to patients in need, especially those facing serious oral health and cosmetic dental concerns. This ensures positive patient outcomes and optimal oral health for every patient.