Aesthetic Dentistry of South Miami is on a mission to touch lives one smile at a time. We care about the health and appearance of your smile, which is why we offer cosmetic bonding as part of our services. Using a special resin that matches enamel color, we’ll create seamless repairs and cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile. The safe and effective material can be used in an array of situations as an alternative to other dental options. As a cosmetic dentist in South Miami, we provide the dental bonding you need for a beautiful, healthy smile.

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

Composite dental bonding uses a special plastic resin to repair damaged areas of the teeth, while also being beneficial for certain cosmetic procedures. The easy to use and safe material allows us to repair damaged teeth without the unsightly appearance of traditional amalgam fillings. The metal-free material can be used to repair a chipped tooth, correct discoloration, and even change the shape of the teeth.

How Can Composite Bonding Be Used?

The composite resin is very easy to work with, which means it can be molded and shaped to repair numerous aspects harming the function and appearance of the teeth with a nearly invisible material. Since the material can be customized to match enamel color, we’re able to use it to repair chipped and cracked teeth in addition to placing fillings in decayed teeth. We can also use the material to make the teeth appear whiter instead of using whitening treatments. In some cases, we use the material to make the teeth appear longer, repair misshaped teeth, and even fill gaps, decreasing the need for porcelain veneers. It’s a safe, affordable, and effective alternative to other restorative and cosmetic options.

What are the Benefits to Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is not only affordable, but often less invasive when used as an alternative for other dental procedures. Not to mention, it’s a less noticeable form of treatment, allowing the repair to blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. The strong and durable material is made to last, but it will require you to take a little extra care. Since the material matches the color of your enamel it is susceptible to stains and discoloration. You’ll need to minimize contact with stain causing products, such as tea, coffee, and smoking. While the material is durable, it can chip and crack, so we will check the area at each appointment to ensure no repairs need to be made.

Dental Bonding in South Miami

Aesthetic Dentistry of South Miami offers the cosmetic bonding procedures you need for a more functional and attractive smile. We provide the personalized service you need to create a more attractive and healthier smile. Using the best innovations in dentistry, we produce the life-changing results you need while maintaining the highest standards for dental care.

If you are ready to enjoy a brighter smile with composite bonding, contact our office today at (305) 749-0473 to schedule an appointment.