Porcelain Inlays & Onlays Miami


Over the years, there have been numerous important advances in dental care, but one of the most significant may be the introduction of inlay and onlay dental restorations in the mid-1800s. Originally cast from metals like other dental restorations of the time, these restorations were a way to restore dental function without removing significant amounts of healthy tooth necessary before placing a crown. At Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of South Miami, we offer porcelain inlays and onlays to patients with tooth decay or trauma too extensive to repair with composite resin fillings alone in order to preserve dental structure that would be lost during crown restoration.

Porcelain Inlays

An inlay is typically used to restore damage to the tooth between the “cusps,” raised or pointy parts of the biting surface. When decay or cracks in teeth go too deep for a filling to restore effectively, an inlay can be created to repair and support the tooth. Bonded in the center of teeth, inlays help patients avoid a more painful root canal infection, and the extensive restoration that follows.

Porcelain Onlays

An onlay repairs damage to one or more of the cusps, the entire biting surface, or a cusp and one or more other tooth surfaces. As the name suggest, the onlay lays on top of the tooth. Patients who might have otherwise needed a full crown to restore their smile are often able to retain much more natural dental structure with an onlay.

The Smile Restoration Process

Because they are conservative restorations that preserve dental structure, inlays and onlays are similar to fillings. Sometimes referred to as indirect fillings, the preparation and restoration process for inlays and onlays is similar to placing a dental crown or porcelain veneer. Once the dentist determines an inlay or onlay is the best treatment option, the restoration process is completed in two visits.

During an initial visit, the affected tooth is prepared. This involves removing decay or damage and reshaping the damaged area. Then, the dentist takes images, x-rays, and impressions of the prepared tooth and full bite that are used to create the inlay or onlay. The information is sent to a ceramics lab where a custom restoration is crafted. While the inlay or onlay is milled, patients are fitted with a temporary restoration. Once the customized inlay or onlay is returned to our practice, patients come back in to have the temporary inlay or onlay removed and their final restoration placed.
This may seem like an extensive procedure, but patients are typically in our office for less than two hours over the two visits. There is little if any impact on daily routines following this minimally invasive treatment.

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