To be a dentist in the modern world we are living today is a very fun and enthusiastic adventure that means that dentist must be always at the vanguard. Tic’s and communication make sure that every advance arrives really fast from its finding to its application. That’s why at Aesthetic Dentistry of South Miami we are continuously looking for new techniques, devices, treatments and even applications that make dentistry an up to date experience.

Most of the time when patients go to an appointment at the dentist, they can be in a hurry cause like anyone they have stuff to do and places to go, that’s why advanced method have been developed to make their experience more gratifying. That means dentists are fusing previous existing techniques to save your valuable time.

Immediate Load Dental Implants is a procedure that allows placement of a temporary tooth (crown) during the same appointment as dental implant placement. In these new techniques patients can go through a complete procedure while the dental implant fuses with his natural bone and the long-term custom crown will be placed in about three to six months. The process is best for patients who have enough natural bone and an implant that is secure enough to support immediate placement and pressure on the new temporary tooth. Immediate placement is not appropriate for all patients and cases, so talk with our dental implant expert at Aesthetic Dentistry of South Miami about the best option for you.

Immediate loading implant procedures are considered to be a better option than delayed. Nonetheless, the exact definition of immediate loading may vary from same-day implant loading to a shortly-delayed loading as the manufacturing of a fixed provisory prosthesis might be delayed due to dental lab constraints. In fact this technique is gaining followers because of its efficiency; however immediate loading implants cannot be performed without serious risk of failure. Same day implants are not complex procedures but they do involve the fulfillment of certain criteria. There is a minimum amount of bone that is required and the placed implant has to be in a position to resist a minimum of chewing force. For a single implant the dentist has to adjust the temporary crown in a manner to avoid any kind of force on it. The temporary crown is fixed for aesthetic reasons and not for functionality.